The Firedragon (Flynn Nightsider) — A Lil’ Paige Review




Today I’ve let my tween daughter, Lil’ Paige, take over my blog. She was asked to give the new novella “The Firedragon” by Mary Fan an honest review. She loves to read so she jumped at the chance. So take it away Lil’ Paige…

*Please note I did not edit this. I left it as is, emoticons and all. Enjoy!


Thanks, Mom!

I really liked the book it was amazing :-) !!! The books is about fighting supernatural monsters. It is a 14 year old girl fighting supernatural monsters. What I have to say about it …. :-) :-) :-) :-) !!!!! What I liked about it was the monsters it was like Percy Jackson series, one of my favorite series. It was a great book!!!



There you have it! Buy this book. I hear it’s only .99 on amazon right now. Perfect for the little Percy Jackson fan in your life.


Outsiders, Secrets, and Mystery Abound

Hello all! Just a real quick post from me. I’m plugging my friend, Susan Finlay’s books today. Susan writes mysteries and I’m currently reading her first novel, “In the Shadows” and quite enjoying it.


In the shadows

There is a stranger amongst the residents of the cave-riddled village of Reynier, France. Suspicious, they believe there’s only one reason Maurelle Dupre would be lurking in their small village—she’s a gypsy, a thief. But a former Chicago detective turned mystery author, Dave Martin, who happens to be visiting his French grandmother, isn’t so sure about the beautiful stranger when happenstance causes them to meet. He wonders why she seems so frightened and distrustful. He knows he shouldn’t get involved. The last time he trusted a woman in distress, the consequences resulted in the loss of his detective’s shield and his wife. But, as always, the detective in him can’t seem to leave well enough alone. However, what Dave couldn’t know is how persuading Maurelle to reveal herself will ultimately unveil something far worse than mere theft. In the Shadows is a story of trust, belonging, and murder.



In Reynier, France, a sleepy hillside village peppered with ancient picturesque troglodyte cave dwellings, the locals value their privacy and their quiet life. Few tourists know it exits, which suits the locals just fine. One day, after a torrential storm, a townswoman happens across a terrified soaked toddler sitting alone in the woods. She brings the toddler into town, but no one recognizes the child. Suspecting the child’s parents—rare tourists perhaps—must be lost or in trouble nearby, the locals organize a search party to find them. Their search leads instead to the discovery of a murder victim, another stranger, in one of the caves. As the investigation gets underway, the situation heats up. The residents of this once peaceful close-knit village find themselves terrorized by a possible serial killer. Facing their own mortality, they wonder whether the killer is an outsider, or one of their own? And who will be the next victim? Captain Pascal Goddard of the local Gendarmerie has his hands full; he must solve the biggest murder case the region has ever seen. The residents will not let him rest until he uncovers the killer’s identity, putting a stop to the killing so a frantic village can return to normal. But as the list of suspects grows, some begin to worry that past history will paint them as guilty even if they are not; at least not of murder. Where Secrets Reside is the second book in the Outsiders series.

About the Author

Susan Finlay loves photography and traveling. She was born in Germany, but grew up in the U.S. A mother of two grown children, she lives in Missouri with her husband and their three cats. Before becoming an author, Susan worked in banking suspicious activity and security. The second book in her Outsiders Mystery Series is already written and in the editing stage. It’s expected release date is mid-2014. She’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Interview with Jane Colt

Synthetic Illusions - 800



Today I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and conduct a character interview between Shea Kelly, from my “Non-Compliance” series, and Jane Colt from “Artificial Absolutes” and “Synthetic Illusions” by Mary Fan. Self-Indulgent? Yes, but it’s my blog. So without further ado take it away ladies…

Shea: Thanks for joining me here in the Non-Compliant Sector, Jane. I apologize for the accommodations. The sector can be a bit of a hole. I’m not sure why my author didn’t write this interview up in space where you are. That would’ve been a hell of a lot more interesting. So tell me a bit about your first adventure in Artificial Absolutes.

Thanks for having me, Shea! And trust me, after the time I spent hiding out on the Fringe, this place looks perfectly lovely to me.

I used to be ordinary. Well, ordinary for the Silk Sector, at least. I was just another office drone, working at my dad’s banking company. Then, some sonuvabitch sent a machine to kidnap my best friend, Adam. I was there – saw everything. Even had to fight to keep that machine from taking me too. But no one but my big brother, Devin, would believe me. The next day, the police told me that my brother shot my father. But I wasn’t about to trust the authorities – not after what happened with Adam. So I lied and told them I didn’t know where he was, then went to find him. I managed to catch up to him just as he was taking off in his starship, and we set off to find who the real culprit behind Dad’s shooting was – and figure out what had become of Adam.

Shea: Sounds pretty awesome. I haven’t left the sector in years much less the planet. Tell me a bit about your follow on adventure. Do you get to see the galaxy again? More evil government plots?

Ugh, I don’t like thinking about it. So this might be a bit of a spoiler, but we found Adam. And… I discovered he was harboring a secret – something even he didn’t know he was hiding, and something he couldn’t change. And I thought, after we made it home in Artificial Absolutes, that we could just keep it a secret and move on with our lives.

But then a secretive government agency called ISARK – the Intelligent and Security Agency of the Republic of Kydera – found out about Adam and sent an operative to capture him. And not just any operative – Devin. I tell myself that he was just following orders, but it still felt like a betrayal.

Anyway, I couldn’t lose Adam – not again. So I took him and fled… and found myself fighting my own brother to keep him safe.

Shea: That Travan Float sounds a lot like the sector. What kinda folks have you met there? Anyone that surprised you at all?

Oh, Travan Float is home to a lot of characters. Most are anything but friendly. I barely stepped foot on that place before some sonuvabitch tried to buy me from my brother. Ew, right? But some aren’t so bad. I also met these two hackers who were perfectly willing to help a pretty girl who needed a peek at the float’s security system. I felt a little bad about playing them like I did, because they actually seemed like nice guys, just scraping by on whatever jobs they could get.

Then there’s the Lady with the Silver Armbands. I have no idea what her real name is – no one does. She’s a merc I bumped into. This pimp tried to force me to work for him, and I was kind of desperate, so I grabbed the first weapon I saw to make him back off. Turned out to belong to the Lady, and from what I’ve heard since, if I’d nicked any other merc’s weapon, I’d be dead. But the Lady actually helped me get out of that situation, which surprised me a lot. I didn’t expect to see her again – until she turned up at a place I’d gone to confront my brother in Synthetic Illusions.

Shea: I hear your author is kind of obsessed with bots. Mine is too. I’m not sure what’s up with these chicks. Anyway, how does artificial intelligence / bots play a big role in your books?

Can’t really talk too much about that without spoiling both, but I can say this: they changed my life. Things I used to think couldn’t be replicated turned out to be truer than the originals. And things I thought could never exist ended up haunting me. I used to think that machines were just machines, and that no matter how far technology advanced, they’d never be real. But then I discovered something that led me to wonder just what “real” was anyway. I mean, I’m no scientist, but from what I’ve heard, a good part of our behavior as humans is determined by genes and chemicals and whatnot. So who’s to say we’re not all programmed, in a way?

Shea: Your brother, Devin, seems to be a bit of the dark and brooding type like the pain-in-the ass in my life, I mean boyfriend. How do you deal with him?

Oh, Devin. I wish I knew why he’s always so…distressed. He’s been my hero for as long as I can remember, and he’s always looked out for me. And I always wanted to look out for him in return, but he never tells me what bothers him. So I do the only thing I know how: I let him know that I love him no matter what, and that nothing, nothing, can ever make me turn against him. I just wish he’d believe me.

Shea: Adam, your boyfriend, is a … little different (without giving spoilers). Was it hard to reconcile these differences?

No. If someone had told about these “differences,” as you call them, before I really knew him, then I probably would have been a horrible person and recoiled. But by the time I learned about them, I already knew him well enough any superficial… well, differences… didn’t matter. There are things that mean much more to me than what’s on the outside.

Shea: What’s the best thing about getting to jet around the galaxy?

Getting to see things I otherwise wouldn’t. The one good thing about being a fugitive is that things like interstellar border control and customs and whatnot aren’t really an issue. I love seeing new places, especially ones that are off the beaten path. I mean, Travan Float isn’t exactly a tourist destination, but I’m still glad I got to see it. And there was one planet I visited that’s renowned for its beauty, but that’s run by warlords and pretty dangerous. I’d always wanted to visit, but never got to until it became necessary to hide there.

Shea: We have a similar problem with The Man making our lives miserable. What’s your favorite way to stick to The Man?

Hitting back when the proverbial Man strikes at me – and hitting hard. I’m pretty sure the people who go up against me see just a helpless little Silk Sector princess and assume they can scare me off. Well, screw them! Anyone who messes with me or the people I care about is dead meat. And there’s nothing I like better than surprising them with just how much I can do.

Shea turns to gruff voice yelling for her.

Shea: Yeah, yeah, I hear you! Well, Jane, sounds like my man’s bellowing for me again. Anything else you’d like to tell us before you’re off in your ship? Let us know where we can cyberstalk your author and buy your book.

Visit my author’s website at – if you go to the “Jane Colt” section under “Books”, you can learn all you want to know about the books I star in. And here are some links to where you can find my books:




Shea: Thanks for stopping by. Maybe next time you can take me for a ride in your spaceship.

Come on down! Though I can’t guarantee it’ll be a nice ship…

My Favorite Science Fiction Couples

Happy Valentines Day, y’all! Honestly, I’m kind of feeling nuetral on Valentines Day, but I have to day I got dinner out last night and flowers today so I guess I have it pretty good. This inspired me to do a post on my favorite science fiction couples. Don’t worry I won’t get all mushy on you guys, but c’mon a little romance never hurt anyone. So without further delay here they are (in no particular order).

tt-mulder and scullyMulder and Scully: I tuned in every week not only to see what freak-a-zoid case spooky Mulder and doubting Scully would be solving that week, but also to see if this would be the week that Mulder and Scully got it on. Even though they had a son together, their relationship was kind of ambiguous until that last crappy X-files movie. But that’s okay, I think they were a perfect balance.



tt-han_chewieHan and Chewie: Yes, Han and Chewie. Hey, there’s more to love than romantic love. Chewie was Han’s wingman and always there for him when no one else was. Han was the only one that understood Chewie. How can’t that be love?



tt-Xena-and-GabrielleGabrielle and Xena: At first their relationship was pretty ambiguous then as the seasons wore on I think we all knew what was up with those two. They travelled the far reaches of the planet together. Gabrielle stuck with Xena even after having a minotaur baby. I don’t know if they finally ended up together, because frankly, I lost interest. But I was always rooting for those two.



tt-chuck and saraChuck and Sara: My husband says Chuck doesn’t fit into a sci-fi genre. I say if having a computer downloaded into your brain doesn’t qualify as science fiction, what does? Chuck and Sara were a fake couple, then fake broke up, then a real couple, then real broke up, then a real couple, then married, then who knows. What a wild ride. They were meant to be together from the beginning. Honestly, I think they took too long to get there. Chuck ended on a slightly sad note, but in my heart I know that Chuck and Sara ultimately end up together.



tt-ripley and bishopRipley and Bishop: Who can forget the classic line not bad … for a human? I mean Bishop got himself tore in half for Ripley and Newt. Okay, maybe they weren’t in love, but Ripley did get over her bot prejudice due to Bishop and I think that’s what Valentines Day is all about: mutual respect. Well, mutual respect and chocolate



tt-heman and teelaHe-man and Teela: Probably my first experience with the “will they won’t they” trope. My little ten year old self wished that He-man would just tell Teela that he was Prince Adam. Dude, she’s the most kick-ass chick in all of Eternia she put a hurting on Skeletor and Evil-Lynn on a weekly basis, I’m pretty sure she could handle your secret. I totally want to watch He-man now.



tt-angel and cordeliaAngel and Cordelia: Yes, not Buffy, but Cordelia. Cordelia grew up from her bratty rich bitch self and became quite a formidable force. Especially, when she became half demon. She helped Angel with some pretty crappy situations, like changing Conner’s diaper’s for one. When Cordelia died it broke my heart and I knew at that point Angel could never be happy. I’m so sad now.



tt-kirk and spockKirk and Spock: I would be remiss if I didn’t have one of the best bromances in history here. Spock was the perfect foil for light hearted James T. Kirk. The line “You will always be my friend” says it all.




tt-starbuck_and_apolloStarbuck and Apollo: From the new BSG not the old one. Yes, I know Starbuck didn’t marry Apollo, but I think they belonged together. I guess some things weren’t meant to be. I loved the way they challenged each other and how Apollo wasn’t intimidated by a kick ass pilot.





tt-zoe and washZoe and Wash: If I was forced to pick I’d say they were my favorite couple. They were so real and had a definite chemistry. Zoe was strong and Wash liked her that way. She was serious, but Wash had a way of bringing her down to earth a bit. He made her laugh and I think that’s why she loved him so much after all the hardships she faced he was able to make her laugh. Sadly, we all know how it ended for those two. Why Joss, why could you not let them be happy? Damn you Whedon!!!! Well, I’m reading the comic now and Zoe’s knocked up, but it’s not the same.

tt-jayne and veraHonorable Mention – Jayne and Vera: Was this just a ploy to get a picture of Adam Baldwin in here? Yes, yes it was. But Jayne loved Vera like no other. Okay, let’s not mention that he was willing to trade Vera for that skank Safron. But Jayne loved his gun and I loved Jayne.



So you have any other science fiction couples that need mentioned here.

New Book Alert!

Check out this new book! No, not mine. Ross Harrison has a new book called Acts of Violence. It looks pretty cool.

Acts of Violence

Here’s the back of the book blurb:

My name’s Jack Mason. I made a mistake. Took home the wrong girl. Now she’s dead. Cut up. And they’re telling me I did it.
It’s the same cop that tried to take me down ten years ago. Now he’s coming at me hard. And he’s not the only one. Cole Webster, the city’s crime lord, thinks I stole from him. Broke me out of custody just to ask me about it. Then I killed his son. Now he really wants me.
Add to this equation a government agent, and I’m a real popular guy right now. Pretty much everyone I meet wants me dead, lawfully or otherwise. There’s nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. I’ve got till morning to uncover Webster’s trafficking operation and take the heat off me. And all I’ve got to go on is a pissed off homeless girl with a thirst for revenge.
Guess it could be worse. Can’t quite figure how.

Synthetic Illusions – A Review

Illusion is the only reality
Synthetic Illusions - 800
 Jane’s new career as a composer is a dream come true, but her blossoming relationship with Adam is marred by his terrifying nightmares. When Jane receives a warning that a shadowy agency is targeting Adam’s seminary school, she rescues him in the nick of time, but the only way she can protect him from such a powerful enemy is to run.
In a shocking betrayal, her brother wasn’t the one who warned her about the attack on Adam. Instead, Devin was leading it. As Jane struggles to keep one step ahead of Devin, Adam’s exhaustion gives way to horror: His nightmares have begun to touch the real world.
Jane can’t abandon Adam to a fate worse than death, and far more than Adam’s life hangs in the balance. As Jane pushes further into the dark unknown, she must challenge everything she once believed in, and she faces the most wrenching decision of her life: choosing between the two people she loves most.
Holy AI, Batman, this book is good. I was lucky enough to get my paws on an ARC of this book (I feel really cool and insider-y for saying ARC). Anyway, I read the first book and I really enjoyed it. What’s not to like about a book with AI’s, hackers, space ships, and a plucky female heroine?
This book has a lot more of the same, and I mean that in a great way. As the back of the book blurb says: in this installment Jane is close to reaching her dreams of being a composer and her relationship with Adam is heating up. It’s all looking great for Jane that is until her boyfriend tells her he may or may not be responsible for some murders and oh, yeah, and her dear ‘ol brother has been tasked by ISARK to take in the love of Jane’s life. Geez, can’t anything be easy? Well, I guess there wouldn’t be a book if it was.
I really liked this book it was fast paced; there wasn’t much downtime in the book. We get to learn a little more about some of our favorite characters. I felt that Jane changed from the headstrong spoiled brat to more of a pensive grown up. There are some way cool cyberpunky and space opera elements. But some of the characters stole the show for me, like the Howard Hughes-Bill Gates-Ted Bundy-esque character that was both creepy and kinda of cool in a weird way and we get to meet up with a merc that we only briefly met in book 1 (I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of her). I also think we haven’t seen the last of Pandora either.
If you’re up for a action packed space opera with plenty of droids, mercs, and hackers then run don’t walk to these fine retailers now:


Barnes & Noble:



Tell ‘em Paige Daniels sent ya. I’m not sure what that will get you, but what the hell.

You can cyber stalk the lovely and talented Mary Fan here:


 Book Page on RAP:

Author page on RAP:

 Stay tuned because I think Mary is going to stop by the nerdypaige and we’re going to discuss space operas. If you have some questions you’d like to ask us fling ‘em our way.


One of the Good Ones


This week last year my Brother-in-law was called home. We still miss him. You made this world, a better place Tim.

Originally posted on The Nerdy Paige:

family party

Earlier last week the world lost a great man, my brother in law Tim Meeker. I wasn’t able to be at his memorial service this week so I thought I would dedicate a bit of my blog time to him. I know it isn’t enough, but it is all I can think to do. Forgive me I might excel at smart-ass posts or writing fiction, but not this.

I remember Tim as the nucleus of our yearly family gatherings, Frankifest. He made sure food, booze, and good times always flowed. He always had an original theme planned for our family gatherings and made sure even the newest family members felt loved and included. You never knew what crazy theme he would have up his sleeve. Would it be Greek where we would roast a lamb in a homemade fire pit? Would it be Japanese where we would reenact Iron Chef with corn…

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