An Interview with a Very Bad Cat


Today I have with me Capser whose human happens to be none other than C.N. Lesley author of Darkspires Reach and the newly released Shadow Over Avalon. I asked Casper here to talk about himself (of course) and maybe he’ll tell us a bit about his human’s new release.

Tell me a little bit about yourself VBC. What does the acronym stand for? How did you come by the name?

VBC stands for Very Bad Cat. My humans simply don’t understand that I shall do as I wish and not as they want. Silly people.

 How did you meet your human?

Such a traumatic time for me. I was ABANDONNED and imprisoned in a place with lots of other cats. The two-legs had us in cages and communal rooms. I had to SHARE with other cats. It was terrible and I became very sick. I was sitting on a pedestal, trying to get as far away from the other cats as I could when I spotted my new human. I purred and then got whisked away to my new home.

I hear your human writes stories? What kind of stories does she like to write?

Oh, she is always writing, despite my attempts to stop her by draping myself over her arms while she tries to type. She likes to write fantasy and science fantasy and science fiction.  I won’t read any of her books as she hasn’t got a cat in them. Not even one.

What is her writing routine? How do you fit into those routines?

She gets up very early. Sometimes before me, which is bad, as I might miss out on treats.  Then it is down to the kitchen to make some of that nasty brown stuff she likes to drink before she goes to her office to begin. I have to be sneaky about rushing through the door, or she will shut me out. However, I can drum on the door with my feet. It makes a really impressive rattling sound and annoys her into opening  the door. I can also howl most piteously to guilt her into letting me in.

What do you like doing while your human is writing?

If I can’t be on her lap, then I will be sleeping in my bed by her side.  I like sleeping nearly as much as scritchies and treats.

I hear your human has a book coming out soon? Can you tell us a bit about it? I’m sure you’ve seen sneak peeks as you are walking on her keyboard.


Here is what is on the back of her book. See? No cats.
Fortune twists in the strongest hands. This is no repeat; this is what happens next.

A man, once a legend who bound his soul to his sword as he lay dying, is now all but a boy nearing the end of his acolyte training. Stifled by life in the undersea city of Avalon, Arthur wants to fight side by side with the air-breathing Terrans, not spend his life as servant to the incorporeal sentient known as the Archive. Despite the restrictions put on him by Sanctuary, he is determined to help the surface-dwellers defeat predators whose sole purpose is to ensure their own survival, no matter the cost.

Ashira, War Maid and princess of the surface-world, is ready to sacrifice her life to defend her kin, but when she is betrayed and cast out of the life chosen for her, she must choose whether to die with honor or become one of the creatures her kinsmen fear and loathe.

Following two threads of time, C.N. Lesley’s new incarnation of the Arthurian tales of old delivers the perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

My human has written two cat short stories.  They are on her website at and can be found on the Free Stories page. Two stories is better than nothing, I suppose. She should write a book about cats … well cat. ME.

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  1. faithrivada
    Dec 03, 2013 @ 00:46:57

    How cute!


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